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Who Trains with G-Form Fitness?
Those that want to be FIT.
Those that want to play HARD.
Those that want to live FOREVER.

Led by Owner, Glen Werns, training with G-Form Fitness is a unique experience—there is nothing like it in fitness. Where else can you find seniors training to live forever next to moms working to get their figures back next to CEOs trying to improve their tennis games next to college and elite athletes dedicating themselves to optimal performance? You have never seen it before because it only happens at G-Form.

Therefore, the answer to "Who trains at G-Form Fitness?" is "Everyone who is serious about fitness and results."
The G-Form personal trainers are a collection of diverse and qualified fitness professionals; all G-Form personal trainers hold the highest certifications available. The main goal of G-Form is to deliver professional services with a personal flair centered on customer care and satisfaction. Our team approach to fitness allows members to access different fitness professional's expertise, which helps our clients reach their goals. This cooperation will help you feel at "home," comfortable, and assist each person in his or her pursuit of health and wellness.

Those that want to Be Fit.

Although the G-Form fitness-training environment is very professional, we will treat you as part of our training family, making all newcomers feel right at home within the fitness center at WRC. The typical fitness client of G-Form is usually interested in dropping a few pounds and keeping their bodies young and in good working condition for playing with their children and excelling in their favorite pastimes. Typically, the clients we see in our group classes or personal training are a demographically diverse group. On our last analysis, we were surprised as to how balanced our clientele demographics are: females and males are just about equal in numbers, and our youth and athletes are just about equal to our fitness clientele in number. Therefore, individuals participating in group classes or personal training never feel alone, and chances are you will meet someone just like you working out beside you.

Those that want to play hard.

G-Form Fitness is known by many athletes for the hard-driving workout its founder, Glen Werns, has developed. G-Form's training philosophy and style are two of the main reasons why athletes from all sports gravitate to the program. Regardless of the sport, the G-Form athlete takes great pride in their strength and conditioning. We want our athletes to vow to never lose in competition due to fatigue!
Of all the athletic training we do at G-Form, youth athletics is one of our favorites. The reason is that our training philosophy is a parent's and coach's best friend. At G-Form, we use athletic training not only to create strong bodies, but also strong minds and spirits. Through our training programs, the G-Form coach is able to instill respect, a sense of pride, and an impeccable work ethic into each athlete. At G-Form, we believe that these qualities are more important than the actual physical skill of any athlete.

Those that want to live forever.

The fastest growing cohort of today's American population is the senior population. Although there are many different classifications that depict seniors, we operationally define it as anyone over 60. Due to medical advancements, the over 80 cohort is exploding. Not only are people living longer, many don't want to "act their age." At G-Form, we certainly encourage all of our seniors NOT TO ACT THEIR AGE! To us age is NOT a number – it is a state of mind. Of all of our clientele, our senior population is the most dedicated; they NEVER miss a workout, and they are ALWAYS on time. Our seniors have that "Greatest Generation" value system that shines right through, and we at G-Form appreciate, welcome, and want to instill that work ethic in all who come to G-Form.

The G-Form Fitness staff has been through many battles with our senior clientele. We have come into their lives when they needed us and fought against cancer, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's, kidney failure, COPD, fractured bones, neuropathies, heart attacks, strokes, and more. We train our senior clientele to be strong enough carry their grandchildren, go up and down the stairs, play better golf or tennis, and react to slips and falls. At G-Form, we focus on maintaining a high quality of life in all of our clients, especially our seniors. Our senior clientele enrich our lives at G-Form, and we learn from them more than they will ever know.

I encourage you to read the WRC newsletter, so you can keep up with all of exciting fitness programs coming soon. We welcome you to stop in the fitness center to share your fitness stories or just to say hello.

Yours in Health,
Glen Werns RN, MS.
G-Form Fitness